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delmarskid1 posted this 28 December 2014

I had a busy day! I've owned and neglected a 1954 Pontiac four door straight eight for the last twenty years. Yesterday I met an old acquaintance at a gun shop. Gun shops are my new place to look smart and meet people now that I'm sober. Bruce asked me if I still had my Pontiac and would I like to sell it. I responded “You betcha". Today I traded the car for these single shots and a bit of cash. Mrs. Anderson was awarded the cash. The top rifle is a Danish rolling block in 11.15 (45-70 danish). I got about 50 cases made from 348 Winchester with this old boy. The lower three are chambered in 43 Spanish. One is a saddle ring carbine rolling block. The next down is a rifle of same. The bottom rifle is a Peabody. I am a bit benumbed. I've shot a few different 45-70's, a mosquito vetterli, and a dutch beaumont but these new old timers are a wide open scheme for me. The actions are familiar to me but the cartridges are not. The bores on all four are bright and show crisp ledges on the rifling. No goofy stuff has been done to them and the actions are tight. The car had 15,000 original miles and was unrestored with no holes in the body. I just didn't drive it and it was too big to keep in the house. Mice liked it more than I did. Which of you fine folks shoot these calibers and how do you do it?  

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RicinYakima posted this 28 December 2014

On the “43 Spanish” the first thing you want to do is determine the case length. You can buy 43 Spanish, 44/77 Remington or 44/90 cases and make about anything. Try to get a bore size and a throat size. Ric

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giorgio de galleani posted this 28 December 2014

For my 43Spanish ,Argentino Rolling block,after having put a micrometer peep sight on the tang and a Lyman target front sight ,I got an LBT four cavity mould ,

With a flat nose ,and 440 diameter in my cheap soft alloy , the bullets are lubed with a light coat of Xlox thinned with nitro paint thinner and not sized.

They shoot much better than I can hold.

The rifle is obscenely new , the stck shows wear ,but the bore  and the steel parts show no wear.

The chamber has no s ign of a stop at the mouth of the case , the throat is a long conical section and the rifling begins with a smooth angle .

Those ancient black powder chambers are different from modern saami chambers. 

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nimrod posted this 28 December 2014

I believe that I would get enough material to make a chamber cast for all four to see which one might be the easiest to work with and start with that one. Then determine bore and groove size along with the twist rate and a BIG hunk of soft lead a supply of tin and a bunch of 2 FF GOEX for starters and then have fun! OH YEH be sure to report back for time to time.


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delmarskid1 posted this 28 December 2014

I've read that these old black powder rifle dimensions can be all over the place. I have some cases that have been fired in the Danish rifle and they measure up close enough to the 45-70 US for that cartridge to work. I got a box of .43's in the deal. I have no idea which rifle or rifles they have ben fired in. I like a good mystery. I'm really itching to shoot the Peabody.

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delmarskid1 posted this 15 January 2015

I got a few 11.7x56 Danish rounds put together last Sunday. I stood outside the door and had a whack at Ye olde bullet stop off hand at about 200 meters. I got a few hits! I'm using expanded .348 winchester cases over 65g of Diamondback FF, a card wad, no compression and a self designed 385 truncated cone bullet lubed and sized with SPG to .460". I like this danish rolling block a lot. I got off almost 20 shots with no wiping and just put my mouth over the breech to blow down the bore. I did NOT inhale, trying to quit.  

delmarskid1 posted this 24 January 2015

We had the Danish rolling block out today. Mrs. Anderson had her right lens replaced in her eye We decided to check the ophthalmologist's work. Her first shot hit the 150 yard gong. She giggled and cackled like a crack head on prozac.

delmarskid1 posted this 04 February 2015

I got my mold from Mountain molds. I used their on line design feature to whip up this heretofore unknown. It's a flat round nose with no crimp groove. It's aimed at casting between .446 and .447 inches and weigh 415 grains. I was think f the Peabody when I ordered it. I got .446 at the muzzle with this rifle. I couldn't get a breech measurement with out a cast and I just plain didn't feel like doing it.  The rolling blocks slugged .442” at the origins of rifling. I will try lubing them with the lyman machine and a .451” lube die to shoot as cast. I plan on wiping some goop off at the case mouths in the course of making ammunition.