First winter project done

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R. Dupraz posted this 16 December 2015

Now that the winter snows have finally arrived, I decided I needed something to occupy this feeble brain while being trapped in the cabin till spring. Remembering that there was an old CZ Brno model #1 in parts somewhere down there. I found them and finally, after 40years, did what was the original intent had been back then. Never said that motivation was one of my greatest strong points.             This old rifle was made in 1948 and while the bore was perfect, the metal not so much. Rusty, with numerous very small pitting, especially under and near the top stock line.    The wood was pretty decent though so all I did with it was scrub with 0000 steel wool and rub on a coat of Lindspeed.          The metal was a different story. A little derusting with Naval Jelly and much polishing. After which all the metal was slow rust blued.   Don't know how to post multiple photos on a single post, but here are a few anyway.      One of the coolest features of these old CZ' #1's was the three leaf rear sight, stamped 50, 75, and 100 yds.  I finally have my mini African rifle, ready for the bush ! So now to find some mini African criters. Not a 500 Nitro express but still a straight case non the less.

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RicinYakima posted this 17 December 2015

A straight case as in????? What?

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 17 December 2015

whatcha use for slow rust rustivator ?


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R. Dupraz posted this 17 December 2015

22 LR

Laurel Mountain Forge barrel brown

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tturner53 posted this 17 December 2015

That's a good rifle. I have the current version from CZ. Looks a lot alike. Looong barrel. Different rear sight now. A wonderful all steel beauty marked out to 200. Looks like a K98 sight, kinda. Will really sing with Wolf Match ammo.

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