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shjoe posted this 05 January 2019

recently purchased a decent HR buffalo classic in 45/70 and am wondering if magnum primers are needed for smokeless powder loads. my available powder choices are RL-7, 2400, unique. thanks in advance!

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erj145 posted this 05 January 2019

I have used magnum pistol primers on light "trap door" loads (Unique powder) mainly because I had a lot of them which kept me shooting during the Obama induced component shortage.

I have never used RL7 powder but for Unique and 2400 standard primers will suffice.

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onondaga posted this 05 January 2019


I have used RL7 in 458WM and 45-70, and if you charge less than the Alliant recommended START charge for your bullet type and weight EXPECT ignition problems like muzzle flashing, squib rounds that stick a bullet in the bore and Mist detonation of expelled powder. This is serious. Do NOT shoot RL7 out of recommended range or bullet type and then crimp well to aid ignition. DON'T use magnum primers unless Alliant specifically recommends them in their data. Mag primers can propel the charge and bullet partially before lighting it. That is another violent disaster warning.

Alliant doesn't recommend it for cast bullets for those reasons.

Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook 4th ED recommends cast bullet loads in 45-70 with RL7 only for 330 and 350 gr cast, use their data cautiously, RL7 depends on high pressure for good safe ignition. Do not reduce below START, that can be deadly.

IMR and H 4198 is the most efficient powder in 45-70 in recommended loads for the range of cast bullets in 45-70. Resistance is futile....Liber8Minuteman



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shjoe posted this 05 January 2019

thanks for those responses! good, safety information, gary. another powder I have noted is trail boss, not in my ed of the lyman book. with the HR, my goal would be an accurate load at or near trapdoor pressures. thanks!

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RicinYakima posted this 05 January 2019

FWIW, 24 grains of A2400 has been a standard accuracy load at TD pressures for about 75 years. Use standard LR primers and you don't have to crimp very much in a single shot with 400 grain bullets or heavier. 350, 330 and the 292 require more crimp, in my opinion because they increase the air volume inside the case. With 400's you don't need any fillers, wads, or other stuff.

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shjoe posted this 07 January 2019

good info rick. I could start with 22grs and work up. I like not needing fillers or wads and the TD pressures for accuracy. this will be my first powder to try. thanks! best, john

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4570sharps posted this 07 January 2019

I only use magnum primers with black powder loads!

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shjoe posted this 08 January 2019

thanks for the reminder. I don't have wolfes book in front of me, but I seem to remember using magnum primers for my 45/70 bp loads. I wont use them for the smokeless loadings.

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