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.22-10-45 posted this 08 March 2017

I have a 4oz. bottle of Brownells Ed's Red.  I see by the MSD sheet it contains no Lanolin.  What amount would you suggest adding to 4oz.?  Would Anhydrous Lanolin be OK?  What besides leaving a protective film on metal does the Lanolin improve?  Thanks.

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Ed Harris posted this 09 March 2017

Anhydrous lanolin is correct.  The normal proportion is one pound per gallon of bore cleaner, so for 4 oz. about 1/2 oz. is about right.  Lanolin has a great affinity to absorb water and improves the bore cleaner if you use it as a “flush” for moisture displacement after soap and water cleaning after having fired black powder or chlorate primed military ammo. It also improves its film strength and lubricity if using the bore cleaner as an all-purpose cleaner-lubricant-preservative.

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.22-10-45 posted this 09 March 2017

Thanks Ed.

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