Handloader's Manual

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Handloader’s Manual


Earl Naramore, Major US Army Ordnance Dept.


Copyright 1937, Small-Arms Technical Publishing Company


Maj. Naramore was in charge of making National Match ammunition at Frankfort Arsenal, PA, in the 1920’s and 1930’s. This was his first book and the pen and ink drawings were done by Lt. Col. Julian S. Hatcher, later head of Ordnance in WWII.


The first half of the book is devoted to how bullets, cases, primers and powder were manufactured in that time period. It includes what to inspect on new components, what are the causes of flaws in fired cases, what factors you should try to achieve in your ammunition and how each component is made. While this is dated material for specifics, the principles are still sound.  


The second half of the book starts out with 100 pages of how to cast bullets, prepare them for loading and then loading cast bullets. It has a small section on “tuning” moulds and correcting minor faults. There is also a section of making bullet lubes and how it was thought to work. This is an excellent “how to” and “why do we” reload ammunition for revolver, auto-loaders and for extreme accuracy.


Other than the original 1937 SATPC edition, it was republished once after WWII. The 1937 edition was made with paper not cleaned of sodium hydroxide so the pages are yellowing and crumbling if exposed to sunlight. The Post-War editions were made with “acid free” paper and are usually in better condition. These have a dust jacket over hard board where as the early editions have a “leatherette” cloth binding. The NRA's Firearms Classics Library has also reprinted this book.


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papertrl posted this 16 February 2017

That's the second classic you've posted today that I've been fortunate enough to read. It's been several years, though. Now that I've learned a little more (but far from enough) about cast bullets it would do me good to read them again. Thanks for the reminder of both Mann and Naramore.

How about a little Mattern?


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RicinYakima posted this 16 February 2017

That is coming up along with Naramore's second book.

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