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.22-10-45 posted this 15 March 2017

I decided to take the plunge and mix up some Ed's Red.  I happened to be in Home Depo paint dept. and saw a 1 gal. container of Kwick-Kleen K1 Kerosene.  I decided to look up the MSD sheet before purchasing.  It turns out the stuff is 100% Stoddard solvent..with less than 5% Benzene.  Now the original Frankford arsenal formula for bore cleaner specified Stoddard solvent...Might be worth experimenting with.   Tractor Supply stores here carry Crown brand K1 Kerosene.  A bit pricy, but it's rated as clean with minimum sulfer.

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RicinYakima posted this 15 March 2017

The minimum Sulphur requirement is for combustion, generators, tractors, etc. This increases the price by quite a bit. This stuff is not a chemical, of a mixture of similar petroleum liquids that are useful for paint thinners and cleaning clothes and degreasing. There are many many different formula's for this type of material. Kwick-Kleen K1 is rated to space heaters and has low smell when burning, but not as a clothes cleaner.

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4570sharps posted this 16 March 2017

I used to heat a trailer with the stuff in PA back in the 80's. 

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rayb posted this 16 March 2017

I followed the Ed's Red recipe as best I could with ingredients from Ace hardware store.

Ed's Red works. It works very well.



Cumplo pero no obedezco

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max503 posted this 16 March 2017

I'm having trouble finding the type of mineral spirits called for in the original ER recipe.  All they have around here is the “low odor” green-types.  What do you guys use?

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Brodie posted this 17 March 2017

`About all you are going to be able to find is “low odor or odorless mineral spirits".  Today's modern Yuppie is too effete to put up with anything that doesn't smell of roses.  I would go ahead and use it (per OK by Ed Harris).  I did and it works fine.  Brodie


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max503 posted this 17 March 2017

I had to go to Sherwin-Williams to get clear mineral spirits.  Even the hardware stores only had that milky, low-odor stuff.

ER works good on bicycle chains.

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