Mosin-Nagant cases

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alco posted this 24 April 2017

What case can I use to form a 7.62x54r (53R) case

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RicinYakima posted this 24 April 2017

To the best of my knowledge, there are none available in the US. There are some Finn wildcats that are based on the Russian case, but they are not available in the US either. The 1891 case design was unique and no other countries used it for the basis of another cartridge, since rimless cases were already taking over the designs for bolt guns.

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Ken Campbell Iowa posted this 24 April 2017

here is a link to an interesting desc-russian on cast booooooolets :


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Ken T posted this 24 April 2017

Graf's has Lapua and Norma cases available.No PPU though.

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Bohica793 posted this 24 April 2017

I have found PPU brass to be less than desirable.  The primer pockets get real loose real quick.  I have been buying S&B loaded rounds for less than $20/box and reusing the brass from them.

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giorgio the slim one posted this 26 April 2017

Norma and Lapua brass is very good . Just check the lenght of the cases , they are 54 mm long while the russian brass is 53mm.  Or the other way round ,my memory is failing. Anyhow the finnish brass is marked x54 and the Czech Sellier & Bellot are marked  x53 .  

Check the bore and throat diameters , usually the russian are larger , and the finnish run a little smaller .

And try the different bullet diameters , Jacketed  bullets ( wicked habit , shooting jacketed bullets) run from 308 to 311 , and my russian short carbine likes 314 cast bullets.  I have put aside the spike bayonet , and  put a pistol scope on the base of the rear sight , and made a russian  "scout rifle” , a bit heavy but a great fun  tuy for offhand  plinker and gong player .

Buy the best brass  you can find , and neck size  as little as you can , and your brass will last  almost forever .

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4570sharps posted this 28 April 2017

Why form them when new brass is available?

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Ed Harris posted this 29 April 2017

When I first got interested in the Finnish import rifles and had several, I bought 1000 virgin Norma cases from Grafs, this was back in the 1980s.  I've carefully managed that brass, re-annealing occasionally, very lightly neck turning just to uniform the thick or "high" spots, uniforming flash holes and primer pockets. I neck size only.  One boxed batch of 100 segregated cases for the M28/20 has been reloaded over 500 times with cast bullet loads.

Any PPU or S-B range pickup brass I glean I use for hunting loads where I can shoot and toss.

I figure my stash of Norma match-prepped brass is worth more than my M28/30 and M39 rifles together.

73 de KE4SKY In Home Mix We Trust From the Home of Ed's Red in "Almost Heaven" West Virginia

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alco posted this 03 May 2017

Thanks fellows, I'm just going to buy me some more new Mosin brass either Norma or Lapua

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Dirtybore posted this 09 May 2017

I've had good luck with the Czeck Seller and Bellot brass.  It's one heck of a lot cheaper than Lapua or Norma.  I'm up to 5 reloades in the cases.

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Wineman posted this 10 May 2017

Just thought I would chime in. While I am as guilty as anyone, I am amazed that we always want to take the weakest part of the gun (the brass case) and spend as little as we can on it. We use them over and over and properly cared for may last as long as we need them to. I have mostly PPU/NNY (Serbian) brass for my M39. I have never had an issue with either cast or jacketed. As an experiment I recently got some Lapua and all I can say is wow. While not a benchrest rifle the M39 seems to really like this new brass. No muss or fuss, just load and shoot, load and shoot, load and shoot. It was $100 well spent in my opinion. Just my two cents and my thoughts. The Finn's know how to make a rifle shoot.


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RicinYakima posted this 10 May 2017

On cases, you get what you pay for. I'm as thrifty as anyone, but when I wanted to know how good I could make my Finn 28/30 shoot, it was in Lapua cases.

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alco posted this 10 May 2017

Thanks fellows.  The cases I have now ( and have ever had are Lapua ).  I have shot them at least 5 or 6 times.  I just recently got an RCBS neck sizing die.  I just loaded 25 rounds and I'm off to the range today, weather permitting.  I also got a front sight adjustment tool and adjusted my front sight !!!

Thanks again..........

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