Gentlemen and Ladies, 

I have a question regarding the Arg 1891 and 1909 's triggers,

I'm in the process of finishing up an 1891 Arg , at the moment it's sitting in a gun vice waiting for the bedding to cure ( this is the first Arg bedding I have attempted, geezzz I hope it come apart easily,lol.).

Anyway to the point of all this , I want to put an adjustable trigger in this But Timney only offer a trigger for the 1909.

Can Anyone tell me if the 1909 Trigger is compatible (and will fit ) with the 1891 or were there any drastic changes betwixt the two mod years , as far as triggers go ?...

(Don't get me wrong I think the issue trigger is pretty darn good but if I want a " hobby" sporter project I might as well see about a trigger.) 

A little fitting I could probably do but anything major and i'll pass lol.  

Y'all have a wonderful evening and a grand tomorrow.